Roger's Rangers

Tactical Driving / Off-road Mobility

Tactical Driving/Off-Road Mobility – Courses are designed specifically for the customer with maximum time behind the wheel to hone and develop skill-sets.

These can be broken down into four major categories

  1. On-Road High Speed Vehicle control
  2. Off-Road High Speed Vehicle Control
  3. Off-Road Recovery
  4. Operator Level Maintenance and Field Repair class


  • Course Content Plugins – Classroom discussions on mechanical breakage prevention, ATAK Route Planning, and Communications. Track focused drills include: Driving techniques under Night Vision Devices, Surface transition from dry to wet, downed vehicle recovery, low visibility/ reduced signature vehicle operations, wet/dry pavement drifting/extreme car control.
  • All driving portions can be conducted under NVG’s both on and Off-Road.
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