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A Higher Level of Training

Rogers Rangers LLC course offerings are designed for Special Operations, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement professionals to better enhance mission accomplishment and survivability. These courses will enhance basic and advanced skills to better prepare individuals and teams for operations in austere, hostile and complex environments. The tactics, techniques and procedures taught are combat proven and emphasize mastery of the basics, perfecting advanced techniques and complex problem-solving skills. All of the training scenarios are reality based and challenging.

All of our cadre are hand-picked and have SMU, Intelligence and Law Enforcement backgrounds. The cadre have worked in combat and hostile environments all over the world. When an individual walks away from one of our training scenarios they will know “what right looks like” so that they will be able to replicate the skills they have been taught under extreme duress. 

Rogers Rangers specializes in Full Mission Profile style training and can fully customize a course to meet your training objectives.

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